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#Dashavathar #Horoscope
Planets, Avatars of Vishnu and Astrological Clues
Bill Sinclair
With a thorough and careful study of the incarnation (avatar) of each planet, a vedic astrology student can become acquainted with the personality of the planets
#T. S. Vasan #Astrologer #Interview
Dr. T. S. Vasan and his Astrological Secrets
The AeM team
Dr. Vasan answers these and many more questions -
What are the top 3 classical books?
Can you share a few astrological secrets that you have found very handy while dealing with clients?
What is your advice to astrologers?
#Vedas #Sciene #Kumbhabhishekam
The Importance of Kumbabhishekam
Kumbabhishekam is a cleaning process of the deity and the temple. Every day as abhishekas are done with milk, curd, honey, fruit juices and others.
#Sankataharachaturthi #Ganesha #Vedas
Sankataharachaturthi: Significance and Benefits
Every month, a day is marked as Sankataharachaturthi. For the month of September 2016, this falls on Monday the 19th. So what is this Sankataharachaturthi?
#Gochara #Guide
Gochara Interpretation: A Detailed Guide
The whole study of Gochara is based upon the position of the Moon in the horoscope. It is the pivot joint of the system of Gocharapala-Nirnayam. The author gives rare astrological insights.
#Vastu #Horoscope #Astrology
Essential Astrological Aspects to Consider in Vastu
S. R. N. Murthy, M.Sc.
The rationale for fixing time of house or any civil construction has been discussed by Dr. B. V. Raman at length in the chapter and the writer intends to bring in here some salient points noted from important Sanskrit texts.

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