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December | 2009
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This month Prof. Kalyanraman writes on the 13th constellation Ophiuchus. He says this constellation was and is in existence from time immemorial in the celestial firmament. What the Royal Astronomical Society has done is only to ratify this officially. Dr. T. S. Vasan enlightens us on the importance of Varga Kundali. He gives us fourteen golden rules for analysing divisional charts. Dr. Madhavan educates us on Diabetes Mellitus analyzing this astrologically. He tells us Venus is the karaka for Prameha or Diabetes Mellitus. With example charts he concludes his article is based on three hundred case studies of Diabetes. Mrs. Jayasree Saranathan writes on Mlechchas in Astrology and quotes a stanza from Prasna Marga that states Mlechchas were well versed in astrology and held in the same esteem as Rishis. She extensively quotes from the Yavana Jataka and tells us Drekkana and Navamsa were also explained by the Mlechchas with a difference in interpretation. Mr. Narasimha Rao tells us Mahalakshmi homam performed with Sree Sooktam with an exclusive offering of ghee is beneficial in minimizing material problems and aids in prosperity. Dr. Krishna Kumar talks about the utility of divisional charts and tells us why their study is important in the age of Kali. Soundar Rajan details out the 16 divisional charts with several example charts that includes a study of the Hora chart of Dhirubhai Ambani. Prof. N. S. Murthy lists out the multifarious facets of Sun in a very innovative way – its mages, its astronomy, its symbolism, its origin, its mythology and the list is endless. We have more readers write to us in ‘What the readers say’.

Raman & Rajeswari Research Foundation conducted an all day seminar on Astrology on 25th October in Bangalore. Three scholars Dr. T. S. Vasan, Dr. S. Krishna Kumar and Mr. S. N. Tekur presented their papers through power point presentations. The hall was jam-packed with the audience spilling to the verandah The audience, glued to their seats, to the last, had to leave the hall, as if compelled and not by consent. A report appears with photographs.

With this issue our ezine, online from July 2009 issue, has completed six issues. The response received from our global readers has been tremendously encouraging. We thank you for your continued encouragement and support.

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Niranjan Babu Bangalore
11th November 2009