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Chief Editor: Niranjan Babu Bangalore
We are happy to present you, our esteemed readers, the January 2010 issue of The Astrological eMagazine in memory of my father Dr. B. V. Raman. On December 20th, 1998 Dr Raman left this mortal world to create an empty space in the astrological world that is yet to be filled up.
5th Jan 2010, Bangalore
What I know of Dr. B. V. Raman
Padma Bhushan Prof.N S Ramaswamy
Dr.B.V.Raman is well known world wide as the Father of Modern Astrology: He has made a magnificent contribution to get Astrology accepted as a science as well as to spread all over the world, an understanding of the relevance of Indian Heritage and Culture for human welfare....
What the Planets Say in 2010
I have used the word projection, instead of forecast, in the subtitle of this article for one simple reason. Forecast implies ....
Apocalypse 2010
Newspaper and a few visual media reports indicate that many people believe that the end of the world will occur in 2012...
Veda Vastu (special article)
Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji
Amarakosa postulates Vastu as the land (a piece of ground) suitable for the construction of a house. It is also understood...
Architecture – Indian and Roman
Niranjan Babu Bangalore
As most of you know, Vastu dates back to the Vedas or the knowledge books of India that are said to be Apourusheya or that which cannot be dated...
Annular Solar Eclipse of 15th January, 2010 - Astrological Implications
The world is going to witness a special annular solar eclipse in the middle of the ensuing month of January or more exactly on 15th January 2010...
Predicting Longevity
Dr. Bangalore Sureshwara
Vedic Astrology indicates many aspects of an individual’s life through a horoscope based on birth data. ..
Hysterectomy - An Astro View
V. R. Soundar Rajan
Hysterectomy means the removal of the uterus (womb). Up to one in five women undergo a hysterectomy during...
Natya Sastra - The Art of Dance
Rashmi Sachidananda
One of the most popular classical dance forms of India is Bharathanatyam. Also known as Naatyaveda the origin is traced to the Vedas...
Activities Around the World
25th International Conference on Ramayana
The Avadhoota Datta Peetham Mysore and the Vishwa Sahitya Sanskriti Sansthan,(VSSS), New Delhi, jointly organized the Silver Jubilee of the..
Esoteric Astrology
Vedic astrology is founded upon the theory of karma The soul is indestructible and undergoes various experiences through incarnating in different bodies over innumerable lifetimes...

Astrology is a National Science
Dr. B. V. Raman
Western or modern scholarship and its Indian counterpart tend to underestimate the antiquity and the authenticity of Indian achievements not only in the fields of philosophy and psychology but also in the so-called positive sciences of which Jyotisha forms an integral part...
What is in Store for You in 2010
The results given below for different rasis can only be indicative and are subject to aggravation or atonement, consistent with the strength of the running directions...
Art of Astrological Blending
Dr. T.S. Vasan
In order to understand or analyze any topic like bhava, transit, dasa or any other, we have several methodologies and concepts to follow ...
Predicting Earthquakes
Jayasree Saranathan
Prediction of earth quakes is a formidable task in both science and astrology. Though seismologists are keeping track of the under ground disturbances of the earth...
Once in a Blue Moon
V. S. Kalyanraman
Recently when the print media carried a note (news) on the forthcoming `Blue Moon', some horror-mongers started working overtime to float some sensational and false...
What is Kalyanam ?
Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi
Kalyanam literally means welfare/ well being (Mangalam). As marriage/ initiation into Gruhastha Ashrama (System of House Holder with duties to take care of the beings around him) is vital to the world, marriage is also called Kalyanam...
Feng Shui - Ancient Secret of Architecture
By Gerry K.J. Liao
This question may be easy to answer, while difficult to understand, especially for people who don’t quite understand Chinese culture and its philosophy...
The Eye of Rudra
Dr E S Neelakantan
The Rudraksha tree grows mainly in the Gangetic Plain of Himalayas and in Nepal. It is also found in South east asian countries( like Indonesia )...
Does Jupiter Transit in 2010 Affect You
[Jupiter enters Kumbha rasi (Aquarius) on 19.12.2009. He leaves Kumbha rasi on 2.5.2010. He is combust from 15.2.2010 to 15.3.2010...
Sankhya Sastra - The Science of Numbers
Kathleen M Whalen
Sankhya is a difficult term and concept to translate. In a direct sense it refers to a science and the method of counting. Sankhya is a ‘philosophy’ referred to in the Bhagavad Gita...
Photo Gallery of Dr B.V. Raman
Once in a Blue Moon
V. S. Kalyanraman
Recently when the print media carried a note (news) on the forthcoming `Blue Moon', some horror-mongers started working overtime to float some sensational and false...
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