Dr B V Raman
Editor Desk
We are happy to present you, our esteemed readers, the January 2010 issue of The Astrological eMagazine in memory of my father Dr. B. V. Raman. On December 20th, 1998 Dr Raman left this mortal world to create an empty space in the astrological world that is yet to be filled up.

The lead article is by Dr. B. V. Raman based on a key note address that he delivered in November 1996. Astrology is a national science, he says. Though modern science says that its methods alone are dependable it cannot still explain how a Srinivasa Ramanujam without a formal background, bestrides a domain of science, like a colossus, Astrology can reason out how Ramanujam was a genius. We have rare photographs of the ‘Bhishma Pitamaha’ published in this issue.

Kaundinya writes on World Trends and Tensions in 2010 and gives, what he calls, astrological projections for key nations. Speaking of India, he warns us that retrograde Saturn in the tenth can give rise to political instability due to the departure of senior political leaders and clamor for separatist states can increase. In a separate write up Apocalypse 2012, he is surprised that many people believe that the world will end in 2012. This belief, exasperated by sensationalistic newspaper articles, books and hollywood movies, has as its basis the end of the current cycle of the Mayan calendar which occurs in 2012. There is no known Mayan record that indicates this to be the end of the world. Vedic astrology does not support any doomsday predictions for 2012, he comforts us.

We write on Indian and Roman architecture and bring out the striking similarities between the Vastu treatise Manasara and the book of the roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji, the Junior Pontiff of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, educates us on the wisdom of Veda Vastu. The pontiff tells us that the primary elements that are of importance in Veda Vastu are symbolized with specific yantras and their application to modern habitation is detailed out. Bharadwaja writes on Annular Solar eclipse of January 15th and its astrological implications. The effects can be experienced months ahead or later after the occurrence and he cautions us that that this eclipse can trigger troubles and tribulations. Dr. T. S. Vasan tells us that predicting is an art of astrological blending and says a holistic approach is needed for a proper analysis. Bangalore Sureshwara presents a methodology for calculation of only longevity and tells us that no recommendation is made, one way or the other. One must use this or any quantity based method on a very large number of horoscopes and then come to the conclusion as to the usefulness or limitation of this method. Prediction of earth quakes is a formidable task in both science and astrology. Ms. Jayasree Saranathan tells us certain patterns are observed with the study of earlier earthquakes that highlight the role of Mars and Rahu and the martian signs of Aries and Scorpio and Saturn’s association with these planets and signs. Mr. Kalyanraman writing on the much puffed up Blue Moon with some horror-mongers started working overtime to float some sensational and false prophesies about an imaginary and impending ‘Doomsday’ tells us that such prophesies are not only baseless but are absurd too.

Mr. Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi tells us that Kalyanam is a process of unification. He educates us on how and why it is to be performed? Mr. Gerry K.J. Liao writes on Feng Shui, the ancient science of architecture and guides us through its philosophy. He tells us that world is categorized by three basic concepts - Yin-Yang, Xi-Hsiang and Ba-Gua. Rudraksha is born out of Siva’s tear, says Dr. Neelakantan. Different faces of Rudraksha have different properties of power avers the author and sermons the astrologers to suggest the appropriate Rudraksha based on the position of the natal Moon. Ms. Kathleen M. Whalen tutors us on Sankhya Sastra and tells us that it is an extension of Jyotisha and Vastu Shastra. She says that everyone of us has three numbers – Psychic, Destiny and Name - which in harmony creates a connection between self view and life purpose. Mr. S. N. Tekur, speaking on Esoteric Astrology, tells us that astrological interpretation has to focus more on the requirements of the soul and suggest suitable actions rather than concentrating on purely material issues which can only provide temporary relief without really satisfying the urges of the soul. Discussing several charts of women, Mr. Soundar Rajan spells out the planetary combinations that can lead to removal of the uterus and concludes that in most cases of Hysterectomy, Scorpio is blemished in either Rasi, Navamsa or Trimsamsa.. Ms. Rashmi Sachidananda writes on one of the more popular forms of Indian dance – Bharata Natyam. Telling us that this form of dance has three components - Nrutta, Nruthya and Natya - she lists out several treatises on this ancient and wonderful art form of India. We have more readers write to us in ‘What the readers say’. This month we introduce another feature in which we report Activities Around the World.

Readers are in for bumper forecasts with Varahamihira predicting your future in 2010 based on both your Moon sign and constellation and Gargacharya analysing the transit of Jupiter into Aquarius equally exhaustively.

We have received very many requests for the print edition of our very popular and respected ezine. With this issue, we are happy to bring out the print copy too. We thank you for your continued encouragement and support.

We welcome our readers to send us your well researched articles for possible publication in our ezine . We also invite you to send your general and research articles on Astrology, Yoga, Vastu, Ayurveda, Vedanta, Sangeeta Shastra, Natya Shastra and related subjects. We invite you, our erudite readers, to come up with your valuable suggestions and comments to make your e/zine more interesting, informative, eventful and helpful.

The Astrological eMagazine wishes all of you a wonderful new Year 2010. May the best of health, harmony and happiness be always with you and yours. Happy Sankaranti and Happy Pongal.

Niranjan Babu Bangalore
1st January 2010