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November | 2009
Chief Editor
Chief Editor's Note

Let me wish you all a very happy Deepavali. This festival of lights is celebrated all over the world in Kartika Sukla Masa on the first lunar day. Deepavali, this year, falls on Monday, the 19th October in Swati constellation of Thula Rasi.

On a tragin note, North Karnataka has been battered with the fury of floods. Properties have been devastated and countless people have been rendered homeless. The State Government and many charitable institutions have taken up the task of rekindling the diya in their lives by raising funds and building homes (in about 226 relocated villages) on a war footing. We modestly supplement their commendable endeavor with our editorial on building Vastu appropriate homes that can give the hapless people some peace and comfort.

This month Bharadwaja links the lovable Ganesha to Astronomy and Astrology. He tells us that the tests of scientists have shown that Ganapathi Homa ensures environmental hygiene. Prof. Ramaswamy, founder director of the internationally reputed IIM. Bangalore, advises today’s management scientists to draw ideals and ideas from the spiritual and philosophical concepts of India’s ancient thought and wisdom. Dr. Sureshwara tells us how Sarvashtakavarga can be used for predicting and reviews the charts of George Bush and Al Gore. Dr. T. S. Vasan continues his educative thesis on health and tells us about the utility of Navamsa in diagnosing diseases and analyses charts of several cancer victims. Vamshi Krishna Ghanapati writes on the respected conscience keepers of early society – the Purohits and laments that today they are depicted as inferior and lampooned in the visual media. He stresses that it is necessary that this great institution is revitalized and put on the right pedestal. Soundar Rajan judges planetary debilitations with example charts and suggests suitable remedies for different debilitations. Jayasree Saranathan describing Jyotisha as knowledge of light gives us information of the relevance of planetary deities and tells us that Sunlight falls to the earth in the form of 32 deities and logically identifies the placement of navagrahas in a mandala. Raman Suprajarama educates us on the importance of the hora chart in understanding finances. He tells us that the hora chart helps gauge one’s financial position, identify the best source of income and recommend suitable remedial measures. Our new feature What our readers say makes its entry in this issue.

The December 2009 issue of our ezine will be devoted to Vargas or Divisional Charts. We will have expert articles on this fascinating topic which Kalyanavarma in his Saravali says is essential for one to put one’s astrological step forward. We welcome you to send us your well researched article for possible publication in our December 2009 ezine or later issues.

We also invite you to send your general and research articles on Astrology, Yoga, Vastu, Ayurveda, Vedanta, Sangeeta Shastra, Natya Shastra and related subjects. We invite you, our erudite readers, to come up with your valuable suggestions and comments to make your ezine more interesting, informative, eventful and helpful.

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Niranjan Babu Bangalore
11th September 2009