September | 2009
Sri Sri Sri Ganapathi
Sachchidananda Swamiji

Sri Sri Jagadguru
Shankaracharya Mahasamtanam

Sri Sri Jayendra
Puri Maha Swamiji

Dr. D. Veerendra

Editor's Note
From The Editor's Desk
Chief Editor's Note
We are happy to present you this Special Issue on Health and Remedies in memory of my brother Mr. B. Surya Prakash who passed away in 1963 at the young age of 27 years. Dedicated to him, this issue is Surya Prakash Memorial Number...



HIPPOCRATES ONCE SAID "We must turn to nature itself, to the observations of the body in health and in disease to learn the truth". Health can be divided into three broad aspects physical, mental and spiritual health....
- Niranjan Babu Bangalore

Article of the Month
Swaasthyam and Vedanta
EVERY EXPERIENCE IN LIFE has an experiencer. The experience is different from the experiencer. When a person says he is happy, it implies that the state of happiness is being experienced by him or her. Similarly when a person...
- H H Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji

Tamboola Prasna

TAMBOOLA PRASNA IS A regional method of divination, practiced only in Kerala. The main tool...
- Bharadwaaja

Health Astrologically Analyzed

VEDIC ASTROLOGY RECOGNIZES the Karma Theory that all human sufferings are a result of past karma...
-Dr. T.S. Vasan

Yoga and Women's Health

WOMEN, IN GENERAL, UNDERGO four important stages in their life...
- Yogaratna Dr S N Omkar

Piles and Remedial Measures

PILES IS NOT ONLY A PAINFUL AILMENT but also is very uncomfortable...
- Dr. E. S. Neelakantan

Good Health Charting the Course

A HEALTHY MIND in a healthy body is always desirable. Health is not merely the absence of disease...
- S.N Tekur

Judging Longevity A Practical Approach

DR. B. V. RAMAN, IN HIS BOOKS, has indicated certain combinations for full longevity...
- V. R. Soundar Rajan

Homa Remedies

IN THE PREVIOUS ISSUES, we have seen the benefits of Homa. The goal of all spiritual sadhana...
- P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

Ayurveda The Science of Life

DHARMA, ARTHA, KAMA AND MOKSHA are considered as the primary endeavor of human life...
- Dr. T.L. Gopal

The Medication called Sri Rama

SRI RAMA IS LOOKED UPON with awe for his exalted charm, and ideal characteristics...
- Prof. Prabhakar Ananthaswamy

Sudarshana Homa

A HOMA (HAVANA) is a mode of worship (puja) of God through the use of a sacred fire and offerings to...
- Vittal Bhat