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फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः ।
को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना ॥

Trinity of gunas, namely sattwa, rajas and tamas are the factors that bind the soul to the mortal body and each of these gunas are associated with certain planets. The article provides a detailed understanding of characteristics of each guna supported with analysis of notable charts of legends such as Lata Mangeshkar, Madam Curie, Dina Dayal Upadhyaya and Prime Minister Sri Morarji Desai.


V Srinivasam

We know the trinity of gunas, namely sattwa, rajas and tamas are the factors that bind the soul to the mortal body. Sattwa by indulgence in gnana and sukha; rajas by indulgence in sensual pursuits and karma; and tamas by misery, forgetfulness and indulgence in negation. Of all the planets, the Sun and the Moon, which are karakas for Atma and mind, are the most important. Next comes the ascendant, which represents the present incarnation of soul. Then comes Mercury, who is karaka for buddhi, i.e., wisdom. Jupiter represents sattwa. Both Mars and Venus can be identified with rajas. Saturn is the sole trader of tamas. Rahu and Ketu, who have nothing of their own, give the effects of those planets which unite with them or aspect them or influence them in any other manner. Yet Rahu can be taken next to Saturn in providing the influence of tamas. Ketu, who is moksha karaka, combines all the three; yet the union and aspect of other planets regarding Ketu cause proportionate imbalance in the trinity. The author V. Srinivasam sheds light on explaining the three gunas and its association with each planet and how they personify in an individual’s horoscope, along with detailed analysis of notable charts. Read more.

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