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The year 2020 witnessed quite a roller coaster ride in stock market. The year began rather soberly, and the Coronavirus pandemic hit us. Sensex reached a low of 24K. And then the market took a complete U-turn. Stock across most industries started rising at an accelerated pace. What do astrologers have to say about stock market in 2021? Which sectors will grow and which sectors will not grow? Read on to get a sneak peek at the stock market predictions for 2021.


Raman Suprajarama

As we commence the new year 2021, the world is still healing with the turbulences that the past year left us with. It was felt across industries and businesses, touching the core. The stock market was not left either. It was rather a roller coaster in the market. What started as a humble beginning in early 2020, the Sensex reached lowest at 24K. And then the market took a complete U-turn. Stock across most industries started rising, at an accelerated pace. In almost eight months, the market rose by nearly 100%. Raman Suprajarama, in the cover story presents stock market predictions for 2021 and dwells into various industries. It is interesting to note how the planetary positions impact the growth or degrowth of an industry. It is a must read if you are anywhere close to planning your investments this year. The article provides an overview of the following sectors: Banking & Finance; Information Technology; Auto; Pharma and Healthcare; Oil, Gas & Petroleum; Power & Energy; Manufacturing; Cement & Construction; Metals & Mining; Textiles; FMCG and Shipping,

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