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#Jataka #Sun #Mercury
May 19, 2016 - A Powerful Astrological Phenomena to Supercharge Yourself with Spiritual Energy
R. S. Maniam.
This is a great astronomical phenomenon which happens once in few years. Mercury crossing over the disc of Sun has tremendous spiritual significance. Doing spiritual sadhana as prescribed in the article during this time will supercharge your energy.
#Jataka #Mars #Saturn
Saturn and Mars Conjunction Will be a Nightmare For Certain Astrological Signs
Jayasree Saranathan
Saturn and Mars, the two malefics which are illdisposed to each other are going to stay in the Martian sign of Scorpio for more than 6 months this year. This raises interest about how this combination in transit is going to affect individual horoscopes.
#Jataka #Mars #Saturn
Saturn and Mars Conjunction Will Create an Explosive Environment and Negatively Affect Us
Prof. N. S. Murthy
While Saturn has been in Scorpio – his dire enemy Mars’ house - since 2nd November 2014, Mars entered the sign on 20th February 2016. There is an increase of force of character, strength of will, love of power and authority, ability to control others, and dislike of opposition and restraint.
#Jataka #Mercury
Mercury Role in Vedic Astrology and it's Depression, Anxiety and Personality Disorders
Y. Keshava Menon
Mercury causes buddhibhramana (confused thinking and disoriented imagination). Loss of memory, paranoia, schizophrenia, migrane, stutter, dumbness, neurosis, nervous breakdown and skin diseases like leucoderma are attributable to his maleficence
#Palmistry #Venus
Palmistry: Mount of Venus and love affairs
M. V. Sankara Narayanan
THE Mount of Venus occupies nearly half of the palm and is bound by the thumb joint on the one side and by the Life Line on the other. The indications that can be obtained from this mount are both interesting and enormous.
#Jataka #NeechaBhanga #RajaYoga
Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga : Planetary combinations and Astrological Results
Susil Kumar Kar
Here in this article some principles on this subject as equated in some sutras of the Jaimini-Astrology will be discussed and at the conclusion the same principles as mentioned in the general astrology considered.
Using Divisional Charts To Increase Accuracy of Horoscope Predictions.
S. Krishna Iyengar
Ancient texts have laid down several combinations of sub-divisions such as Shadvarga (6), Saptavarga (7), Dasavarga (10), Dwadasavarga (12), Trayodasavarga (13), Shodasavarga (16), etc. I shall now set out the opinions of different authors on the subject.

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